Motives and Complex Multiplication

Giuseppe Ancona — Conservativity of realization functors on motives of abelian type over finite fields

Fabrizio Andreatta — Arithmetic of CM cycles on GSpin Shimura varieties

Masanori Asakura — A survey on regulators of K1 of hypergeometric fibrations and applications

Benedict H. Gross — On the periods of abelian varieties

Bruno Klingler — Hodge loci and atypical intersections: conjectures

Kai-Wen Lan — An example-based introduction to Shimura varieties

Vincent Maillot and Damian Rössler — Conjectures on the logarithmic derivatives of Artin L-functions

Lenny Taelman — Complex multiplication and Shimura stacks

Frans Oort — CM Jacobians

Maryna Viazovska — CM values of higher Green's functions

Jörg Wildeshaus — Absolute intersection motive