Here is a list of conferences and seminars I have co-organized in the past few years.

(with A. Cadoret, F. Charles and M. Morrow) Séminaire autour des cycles algébriques. Jussieu.

(with G. Ancona, Y. André and M. Maculan) Period mappings: from complex to p-adic. Tatihou Island, September 24-29, 2017.

(with G. Ancona and S. Pepin Lehalleur) Motives for periods. Freie Universität Berlin, August 28-September 1, 2017.

(with D. Jetchev, P. Jossen and R. Pink) Motives and Complex Multiplication. Monte Verità (Ascona), August 14-19, 2016.

(with G. Ancona, J.B. Bost and M. Maculan) Algebraization theorems: from GAGA to foliations over number fields. Tatihou Island, July 4-8, 2016.

(with G. Ancona, D. Eriksson, G. Freixas i Montplet, M-H. Nicole and S. Sankaran) Arithmetic intersection theory and Shimura varieties. Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics, February 3-7 2014.

(with G. Ancona, Y. Brunebarbe and M. Maculan) Réseau des Étudiants en Géométrie Algébrique. IHP, Paris, 2011-2013.